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    AccessPoint Export to CSV with commas

    Duncan Andrew

      Hi everyone,


      We've recently upgraded our QlikView Server from 11.2 to 12.1 SR7. (Fresh install)


      It seems as though the AccessPoint's exporting functionality might have gone a bit backwards, we've noticed that the limit to export to Excel is now about 1m cells. Anything larger than this will be automatically converted to a CSV.


      On top of this, the CSV seems to now be semicolon delimited whereas it was comma delimited before. This is strange as I've found a few other thread asking for help to switch from commas to semicolon - in Germany apparently the standard is for semicolons.


      This has understandably caused a bit of confusion with our users - if the file is opened from file explorer, Excel opens it with its automatic CSV-reader settings (where it expects the delimiters to be commas).



      Does anyone know how to change the AccessPoint's export to CSV functionality to delimit using commas?



      Thanks in advance!