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    Qlik Sense Line Chart not showing all data points

    Reiko Hayami

      Hello - I have looked at all available options in Qlik Sense for line charts and can't seem to figure out why some data points don't show.  I just have 4 lines, and they randomly skip and don't show all 4 values for every month.


      Please share if you know how this can be fixed so it shows all 4 data points for every month.  Thanks!

        • Re: Qlik Sense Line Chart not showing all data points
          Mark Ritter

          I don't think that you have any control over this.  Since Qlik Sense automatically adjusts everything based on screen resolution you can't do anything.  I suspect that if you expand your chart to full screen that you will see numbers at each point.


          You could possibly change your Y-Axis range since all of the data is between 5,900 and 11,100.   But that would not work if your data could fall outside of that.


          But I think when it gets too cramped that QS just doesn't display.