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    Skill set required to work in sense api integration

    Aniruddhya Dutta

      Hi All,

      I basically work in Qliksense for my clients(traditional BI skillset). So what I am observing there is an increased possibility to explore sense through mobile and web apps through sense API since clients are much interested in other mediums rather than traditional dashboard through access point or dev hub.

      Recently I also came across a project where we can built qliksense bot which can interact with the dashboard data.


      So I want suggestions on what skill set do I need to learn to work in these integrations with qliksense ?


      Do I need to learn HTML,CSS,JS or any other scripting language like python on top of my qliksense/view skillset?

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          Erik Wetterberg


          I would say that Javascript is good to know in most scenarios. Then it depends... If you are building extensions or mashups probably some HTML and CSS. In many cases you also use some library or framework like Bootstrap, D3, Angular etc. And it you are integrating into some environment you should know that.


          In the longer perspective I think, and hope, we will move to more readymade components, available in the market.


          Hope this helps


          Erik Wetterberg