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    Qlik merging leading zero values with non leading zeros into 1 distinct leading zero value not desired

    Andy Ritting

      I have an issue with QlikView 11.20

      In a column called Lot Num that in the source system is a 30 spaced character field. There are values that are numbers and alpha/numerica values.  My specific issue is that QlikView is merging two distinct values into one.  It is merging 0001155859 and 1155859 into 0001155859.


      LOAD * INLINE [

          "Lot Num", "Order Num"

          01, 1

          1, 2



      results in

      leading zeros.jpg

      I've seen it other discussions to use the TEXT() function but I am loading from a QVD. and putting that function over the load statement of the qvd does not distinctly separate the values.  Is there another method to tell Qlik not to merge the two fields together and treat 01 and 1 as different?


      I am experiencing this as similarly described in this blog post QlikView Addict: When QlikView Data Types Go Wrong