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    Problems with QS Jun 2017 edition

    Imad Zidan

      I have started exploring QS Jun 2017 edition, two observations:


      Add data option is not available in DataModel viewer.


      There might be a reason behind the above, But making an option available or not  leads me to the second observation.


      When unloacking a script, a warning mesage appear that this can not be undone. I then go to the the data manager and I can see  the syncronized scripted table option is available which leads me to thing I can Undo the unlocking of script earlier.

      Now, I pick that otion and it does it. However, when loading the data this causes an issue. As a BA this is quiet confusing and can cause many issues. As a technical person I can get round it but not clean.


      Is this an issue? Am I doing something wrong?QS is smart and I want it to be all around.


      No Add Data option in the DataModel Viewer


      Warning When Unlocking a script


      Option to Sync scripted.


      After Sync Bubble view


      Tables view after Sync



      When trying to load