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    Qlik Sense Dimension Grouping

    Ozgur Cirak



      I have a table with objectives and key results attached to related objectives.


      ObjectiveKey ResultsPercentage
      Achieve 1M $ in EMEA salesMarketing50%
      Achieve 1M $ in EMEA sales
      Achieve 1M $ in EMEA sales
      Demo and Tests40%
      Achieve 1M $ in EMEA sales
      New Opportunities30%


      Im formatting a pivot table and with avg(percentage) calculation, i can find average percentage of an objective, in this case for Achieve 1M$ in EMEA sales is 36,25


      I need to count objectives with a %100 percentage as a KPI Item but i couldnt figure.


      So i decided to create a calculated dimension. I called it 'Status' and as a formula i wrote : if(avg([percentage]='1','Done','In Progress') But it didnt work.


      What can cause that?


      Best regards