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    Historical Data available in the application / Data Backup

    Christian Schmitz



      I need a solution, to have data sets from different days loaded in the application and selectable for the user, like a data backup.


      The target should be that the user can easily see the actual and past performance (historical data) of the past days / weeks.


      My first idea was to write qvds with a timestamp and load with * all historical data. I guess this will work, but the problem is the data amount. Every day my application is about 10 MB big and the user should select multiple data status from at least 12-24 weeks (each day), which means 24*7*10MB=  a 1,6 GB application.


      I am wondering, if somebody had the same task and maybe found a better solution.


      I have attached my sample and curious about your answers.


      Kind Regards,