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    Set analysis: use value of other dimension

    Wim Rijken

      I have a very simple data model:



      Posting Date

      Posting Month (derived from Posting Date)

      Posting Year (derived from Posting Date)

      Document Date

      Document Month (derived from Document Date)

      Document Year (derived from Document Date)



      I would like to create a Pivot table:

      • rows: product
      • columns: Posting Year and Posting Month
      • expressions:
        • Amount based on Posting Year/Month > this is simple, just add the expression: sum(Amount)
        • Amount based on Document Month > what is the formula for this?

      So something like: Sum({$<Posting Year=,Document Year={Posting Year}>} _Amount)


      Do I need set analysis for this, or can I achieve this in another way?