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    QMC Task Chain Issue

    Daniel Berkes

      Hi all,


      I have a working Task Chain (A ==> B ==> C ==> D) but when I deleted for example application C and imported it again with the same name, the chain wouldn't work anymore.


      Could you please suggest some solution which could avoid task recreation ?




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          Mark Ritter

          I know that when you have a task associated with an app and you delete that app then the task is also deleted.  I have not tried this to see what happens when you do what you did.  But I suspect something similar happens.


          So I think that you will need to rebuild the task chain at least from where it broke.

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              Michael Gemmer

              I would suggest another way.

              I expect hat you are going to update, change the existing app. If you do so take a copy first, make the changes and do a publish and  replace of the existing app. Of course you have to publish the original app first.


              By the way. Deleting and replacing with the same name does also loose all bookmarks, personal dashboards,... Only Publish and Replace keeps all these. Same for dashboards within the app!

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              Momin Tahemas

              If you have made any Update in C then REPLACE the Updated C with the PREVIOUS C

              Don't Delete C because If you Delete C the Trigger or Tack which is Assigned on C will also be Deleted


              and IF you Delete C and Published again,Then you have to set a trigger or Task again




              Tahemas Momin

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                Arvind Patil

                Hi Daniel,


                If you Delete the app C then It  deletes its link as well as its ID. once you import same app again then also its App ID is different one because of  it wont work.




                Arvind Patil