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    load table

    antony qvw

      Hi Folks,


      In Qliksense,

      How to create variable to load the data from the path as am trying to create button for navigate the path and load that particular file(.xlx).




      Is it possible to create button for this scenario??? Kindly suggest

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          Dan Sullivan

          i don't believe Qlik has this built in functionality.  However, on Qlik Branch you can find an extension that can be used to trigger a load/refresh data source for the app.

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            Arvind Patil

            Hi Antony,


            The button is frontend Functionality. all OPeration performed in the front end after reloading the Data.



            Arvind Patil

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              Graeme Smith

              It will depend on your specific use case as to whether or not this will work for you, but in the past where we have needed the end users to control which files can or need to be loaded we would just store this list of files to be loaded in an Excel "configuration" file.  The users can then just update the Excel configuration file to specify which files should be loaded, which types of data, and from where.  The QV load script then just loads the list of files from the Excel configuration file and processes them one by one.  Depends on your specific use case as to whether or not this approach will work for you, but this has worked well for me in some situations where we need to load multiple files into a single application, and the list of files is being managed centrally by a business user.