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    Qlik Sense June 2017 install and restore

    Elizabeth Bamber

      I am following instructions for "Upgrading to Qlik Sense June 2017 from Qlik Sense versions earlier than 3.1 SR2" and am having trouble on step 14. 

      14.Run the following command to install Qlik Sense and restore your Qlik Sense Repository Database.

      Qlik_Sense_setup.exe databasedumpfile=<path_to_dump_file>


      The installation starts but I am unclear which options to follow:

      - connecting to an existing database fails

      - creating a new database does just that


      Can anyone assist, should I be seeing some other options referencing the restore?


        • Re: Qlik Sense June 2017 install and restore
          Elizabeth Bamber

          After tweaking the command prompt to start installation to be:


          Qlik_Sense_setup.exe databasedumpfile="C:\Users\xxxx\xxxx\xx xxx\QSR_backup.tar"


          A couple of steps after selection of "Install local database" there is a step "Repository Database Superuser Password" acknowledging detection of a Repository database.

          However the install ultimately fails.

          I note that the size of the backup differs dependent upon method used to generate backup.



          pg_dump.exe -h localhost -p 4432 -U postgres -b -F t -f "c:\QSR_backup.tar" QSR




          set PGUSER=postgres


          set PGPASSWORD=[superuserpassword]

                        pg_dumpall.exe -p 4432 > [path to dump file]



          I have tried restoring both backups without success.


          The log file shows:


          Action 09:22:24 33 C:/Users/Administrator/xxx/xxxxx/xx  xxxx/QSR_backup.tar: No such file or directory

          CustomAction CA_RestoreDatabaseFromDumpFile returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)


          Anyone else encountered similar errors/know how to resolve?