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    Qlik Sense: Migrating Config Between Dev and Production

    Cameron Scott

      I have searched through help and the community and have yet to find the answer to this specific question. Which surprised me because I thought other people would be looking to do the same thing.


      We have a setup with two instances of Qlik Sense; one for dev and one for production. We use dev to test system configuration changes prior to deployment into production. There is some inevitable garbage that gets created during testing and it never gets completely cleaned up. We would like to be able to refresh the configuration of dev to match production after any production update so they can be in sync for the following dev/test phase.


      So what I am trying to figure out is how I can copy one instances configuration into another instance. I am not concerned about apps for this. I want a way to copy over all security rules, customer properties, and tags (also potentially data connections and tasks, but these are not as important).


      Does anyone have any experience with this? Was there a simple method or is the brute-force approach the only one?