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    Offline work and online login with QS Desktop 3.2 SR4

    Alexey Ryzhkov

      Hi all,

      the 1st question is to Qlik.

      Is it possible to change back your vision to online login?

      I need online login when I use Cloud service only.

      I agree to send activity status information when I'm online for some time period.

      But current situation makes me unhappy.


      I have a problem with work process now. And it is terrable. I use QS desktop to be free in my location.

      It looks good to work any time any place.


      But from QS Desktop 3.2 it is not possible. I just updated from QS 3.1 to see new features.

      And I was disappointed - new update doesn't show me new visualizations but add online auth.

      The "10 days" rule now works not only for server solution.

      And it looks bad.


      Sometimes (and it happens time to time) some issues with auth happends when problem on service provider hand or Qlik server.

      I can't control it or repair it myself. So it makes me unhappy.

      And it means I can't develop application or show demo app to client on meeting.

      With QS 3.1 it was ok and very useful to develop, promote and sell Qlik.


      The online auth looks a little bit strange for offline working.

      I understand that Qlik wants to know how often user/partner works with product.

      Also cloud auth needed only when I'm online. Thus here is no conflict.

      But it possible to send some overview information about it when I'm online.


      Hope it is possible to make happy a lot of developers.

      Thank in advance.

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Alexey - I have forwarded this to our product team.


          cia - can you provide some insight on this or forwarded to the correct individuals?



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              Alexey Ryzhkov

              Hello Michael,

              For sure I can provide. What kind of insight do you mean?


              The problem of online authentication (or login) in range of problems which I can't solve myself.
              For examle it can be security politics of cliend, firewalls and other rules of internet provider. Also I have problems with some antivirus software which blocks some events and hold Qlik Sense application.
              For example. On my own PC I have this issue with ESET security. And sometimes I need off defence but other time just anough to open ESET software. Thus I worked in strong policy I can't change rules of game. And it leads to situation I can't login online. It can be on client side when I work on dedicated PC for pilot project before sale. I can't use internet connections at all and it takes sometimes 2 weeks. Or I can install software but have no access to authenticate.


              Here are a lot of issues.
              But I agree send my anonymous activity and issue reports when I use for free product (Qlik Sense) to vendor (Qlik). It's ok. I guess  I think it is fair.


              Best regards,
              Alexey Ryzhkov