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    GeoAnalytics drill-down data visualization

    Annalisa Caradonna


      We are experiencing the following problem using GeoAnalytics within Qlik Sense.

      Trying to do a drill down on a Qlik Sense GeoAnalytics map and area object, and putting a drill down dimension based on 2 fileds (State->County), the map doesn’t show what expected:

      • Using a standard Qlik Sense object (such as a pivot), by filtering on a state only counties within this state are shown in the pivot
      • The same filter on the map doesn’t work correctly: Qlik shows the Counties associated to the right State but even other counties in other states whose name is the same of the countries of the filtered state

      As a solution, we decided to add a field in the data model (County & ' county, '&State&', US' AS COUNTY2).

      In this way, both the table and the map shows the expected counties only.

      You can find an attached qvf file that shows this problem.