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    Change in Calculating Revenue (Options to resolve)

    Aron Williamson

      Hi All,

      I would like to get some suggestions or perhaps some advice with the following scenario that we are facing.


      Currently for our reporting on Turnover and our calculations of rebate, we include surcharges. Going forward July onward we will be changing this so that turnover and rebate calculations will not include surcharges.


      • Unfortunately for QlikView, as we have setup our reports to not include surcharges, this  will mean that anything related to turnover and surcharges historically will not be correct (because historically we have included surcharges in our calculations).
      • We dont want to have to go to different reporting tabs to get the correct (true) figures.
      • Some reports may fall between dates Prior-to and post July 2017.
      • We also have a total of 4 businesses that we report to that have a different financial year to ours.


      Do you have any advice on this situation, we need to find a way to report the correct figures (inc surcharges) when viewing data prior to July 2017 but also view the correct figures (excluding surcharges) when reporting on dates post July 2017 we also need to calculate correctly when viewing financial data that falls between pre and post July (e.g Jan 2017 - December 2017)


      Any Help Appreciated