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    For some fields data not displaying properly in Published Qlik Sense dashboard.

    Pallavi Gupta

      Hi All,


      I am facing some strange issue in Qlik Sense Published application.


      We have deployed Qlik Sense code in production after doing Data model refresh in QlikView and before publishing the QlikSense file we have done a reload relaod of Qlik Sense file also and then published it.


      Soon after the deployment data was looking perfect in Qlik Sense Dashboard, but after few hours we have noticed few data was missing for some of the filters available in Published Qlik Sense app.


      Example:- For Zone filter only South and EAST Zone was showing WEST Zone was missing, but few hours back even We were able to see WEST Zone also.


      Note:- After publishing the Qlik Sense dashboard once we have not done any refresh in QlikView and Qlik Sense app.


      Could anyone help why all of sudden data was missing in Dashboard..???



      Pallavi Gupta