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    LOAD Excel file generated by OpenXML

    Alexandra Costa

      I have a Excel file generated by the Nuget Package, DocumentFormat.OpenXml. (NuGet Gallery | DocumentFormat.OpenXml 2.7.2)

      Unfortunately, this file is not well read by Qlik Sense.


      The LOAD statement that I am using is as follows:


      LOAD *
      FROM [lib://AN/*-daily-respostas-campanha.xlsx]
      (ooxml, embedded labels);


      Qlik Sense recognizes the n-lines inside the file, but it is like all of them are blank. (image below)



      If I manually open the file using Excel and just save it, the file size triplicate but this way, Qlik Sense load all records normally.


      This whole process should be automatic, so I'll not be able to manually open the document and save it every time the file is generated.


      Is there a way to Qlik Sense load the generated Excel file correctly without passing through Excel? Or is there a parameter that I can add in line 4 of the code that specify the Excel format?


      See attached the qvf and xlsx files.


      Thanks all!