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    Conformed Dimension in Qlik

    Marco Barroso

      How one can implement a dimension that is referenced more than one time in the model ? Example: Table Claim, Fields InsId1 and InsId2, linked to to Table Insurance by InsId. If I use only one insurance dim table I end up with a synthetic key created (not desired). If I duplicate the Ins Dim, my selections on insurance would be one for EACH  Insurance.Name. Thanks

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          Oleg Troyansky

          I think the correct data model would have one table for Claims, one table for Insurances and one table that contains the many-to-many relationship of Claims to Insurances:


          Claim - Insurance

          12345     Ins1

          12345     Ins2


          This way, you won't have any synthetic tables and you will only have one instance of each Insurance in the master Table.



          Oleg Troyansky

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            Michael Solomovich

            Not quite clear, trying to guess...

            So, there are claims, and there are insurances, and I assume it could be Primary and Secondary insurance, hence InsId1 and InsId2.  If my guess is correct, I'd use only one InsId in the Insurance table, only ClaimId in the Claim table, and a table in between to connect these, call it for example Claim_Insurance, with the fields:

            InsId (link to Insurance)

            ClaimId (link to Claim)

            InsType (Primary or Secondary)


            If I didn't guess right, provide more info please.