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    Grouping in the Data Manager

    Dudley Diaz


      I was trying to group data from a collumn in the 'Add Field' tool and using an if statement and inside some or's. somehow the expression is not valid, but can't find the error. I applied it inside the app, and it works, so the syntax is ok, but not in the 'Add Field' tool.


      Can you help me?



        • Re: Grouping in the Data Manager
          Arnaldo Sandoval

          Hi Dudley,


          The expression's syntax for your field seems fine but it did not work for me when I tried locally, it does not like the ORs, then I tried a different approach, the WildMatch() function allows us to replace the ORs with a simple if-condition, like this:


          if( (WildMatch(Area__C, 'Marketing', 'Finance', '*nge*')),'WildMatch', 'Y')


          It works