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    Creating Sub-Categorises From A Number of Field Values

    Alison Cooke

      Hello All,


      I am trying to make sub-categorises from a number of field values.


      For example, I might have the following column:


      Item [Field Name]

      Conditioner [Field Value]

      Shampoo ["]

      Hair Gel ["]

      Bread ["]

      Cheese ["]


      I would like to make a sub-category from this data. Like, group all the hair care products into one category called Hair Care Products.

      I have tried to do this using a set expression in the UI:


      Sum({$<Item={'Conditioner', 'Shampoo', 'Hair Gel'}>}[TABLE NAME]).


      When I drag this into the canvas it produces a numerical value, i.e. not what I want.


      I have considered using the wildcard function, would this be advisable?


      Thank you all in advance,