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    Expression assitance - (Sum sales if financial year - 1)

    Sara Titmuss

      Good afternoon,


      I have a bit of a query where I am struggling to get the correct information.  We are trying to calculate the previous year to date sales, below the table shows what the value should be for each year:



      What I want to try and do is have the value for this year, but also what the sales were previously in a separate column.  With the formula I'm working ( =Sum({<FINYEAR = {'$(=max(FINYEAR)-1)'}, TYPE = {'EBUS'}, FINMONTH = {'<=$(vMonthName)'}>}SALES) ) with I'm getting this:



      I've tried breaking down the formula, a SUM(IF( statement isn't working.....can anyone suggest something else? (FYI the PYTD formula is =Sum({<FINYEAR = {'$(=max(FINYEAR)-1)'}>}SALES) )