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    Using the Qlik Sense Capability APIs with Webpack

    Alyssa Brouse

      My team is transitioning over to webpack, and I noticed this thread comment from Francis - but could use a bit more help getting the js/qlik reference working.


      Is there any plan to add content to help.qlik.com much like the existing mashup/Capability API documentation around the older standard implementation using requireJS, but for webpack implementations?


      Should we reach out to our support team for guidance?  Thanks!



        • Re: Using the Qlik Sense Capability APIs with Webpack
          Francis Kabinoff

          Hi Alyssa,


          As far as I know there is no plan to add content to documentation for such a thing. To me, it's a general web dev issue and not specifically a qlik issue, though you will have to solve it if using the qlik capability apis.


          Basically, the qlik capability apis use require.js and angular 1 and there's really no way to get around that. but you can also use webpack for the rest of your project, just use the webpack script-loader or any other method to load the qlik require file in the global scope, then use window.require when referring to require.js, and it should work, as in my example on the thread you linked.