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    how do i draw a graph with numbers up one side a titles along the other

    Louise Robertson

      Hi, this is so obvious that I'm sure its answered hundreds of times elsewhere, so apologies, but i can't find them.


      I'm trying to create my first graph, and i have data that's a bunch of columns of figures with titles on each row. 


      So i want a bar graph with numbers up the y axis and titles on the x.  I can put in my columns of data as 'dimensions' and now i want to add the column of titles so they can appear along the bottom.  if i try to do this as a 'measure', it offers me 'sum or totals' etc. as options, and if i dont add a value as measure, it wont draw the graph.


      the tutorials don't seem to be drawing such a simple graph, but they all appear in the examples, so it must be possible.  how do i do it?