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    Reduction of expression

    Rasmus Nielsen

      Hello guys,


      Pretty new to Qlik and I was wondering how the following expression might be reduce to a simpler form?


      (Avg({$<fillingDate={">=$(=Date(today()-365,'YYYY-MM-DD'))"}, paymentType={"Private"}, productName={"Euro 95"}>}ppriceRefPrice) - Avg({$<fillingDate={">=$(=Date(today()-365,'YYYY-MM-DD'))"}, paymentType={"Private"}, productName={"Euro 95"}>}ppriceEur)) * 100


      The point is that when retrieving ppriceRefPrice and ppriceEur, then they are limited to a interval of the last 365 days, payment type must be "Private" and productName must be "Euro 95". The final result is (avg(ppriceRefPrice) - avg(ppriceEur)) * 100.


      Can this be written in a more readable form?