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    Installation with a DMZ server set up

    Hannah Cozad

      Hello, I have been doing some research on implementing the ChatBot into our set up. We have one central server, and one rim server which is a server in the DMZ, with shared persistence. All of our users access QlikSense through the DMZ. If we proceeded with the installation of this ChatBot, should it be located on the central server, or the rim server in the DMZ? Would the installation steps be different?



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          Juan Gerardo Cabeza Luque

          Hi Hannah,

               I haven't installed in a DMZ yet, but what the bot needs is to access a Qlik Sense Proxy, the one where the Virtual Proxy is created. So this access can be done to any of both nodes, installed in the same Qlik Sense machine or in other machine with access to the Qlik Sense server.


               But the bot also needs access to the Telegram API, and this needs internet access (it works on HTTP). In future articles I will include also Natural Language Processing, that will also need access to the cloud services where the model will be defined.


               If you want to use the same Qlik Sense machine for the bot software and you only have access to internet (I think only port 80 is needed) from the rim server, this is the place to run the bot. If you are going to use another machine, this machine has to have access to the Qlik Sense Proxy and to internet.


          Juan Gerardo