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    Can anybody assist with this issue (Qlik icons replaced by symbols)

    Bill Duke

      I am fairly new to Qlik Sense and have never seen this anomaly. I will describe it as concise and as minimal as I can:


      Two Qlik Sense apps on same production server (synchronized)

      App 1:

      When you hover over an object such as a chart ICONs appear usually the Camera Icon and Enlargement Icon


      part 1.png

      App 2:

      On the other application I get this (see below). The functionality works the same on both but the Icons are different.                               

      part 3.png

      Notice the Icons have changed!  It only appears on the App 2.  Qlik support had no idea what is causing this.

      Hopefully this community with the brightest can offer a solution. Both Applications use the same extensions so nothing new was added to maybe cause this issue.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Kind Regards,