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    Formula Help Growth Calc

    Rafal Niedzialek

      I have standard formula:



      =[$(=$(lTranslation(132,YOY $ vs FxLY)))]

      /[$(=$(lTranslation(65,FxLY Sales)))]


      which does the trick for positive growth but what if FxLY sales are negative and YOY positive?



      how would you write something like this:


      if FxLY is negative than calculate =(B1-B2)/ABS(B2) otherwise =[$(=$(lTranslation(132,YOY $ vs FxLY)))]/[$(=$(lTranslation(65,FxLY Sales)))]


      where B1 =[$(=$(lTranslation(132,YOY $ vs FxLY)))]

      and B2 = [$(=$(lTranslation(65,FxLY Sales)))]