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    QlikSense to Qlik NPrinting PowerPoint Sorting Question

    Russell Glenn



      I am really struggling with attempting to use the page function within Qlik NPrinting to sort some information I have connected in from my Qlik Sense app.


      I have several different business capabilities with corresponding product lines that can be represented visually based on financial metrics in like a scatter plot. I would like to have the first slide show all financial information business capability-wide (lots of scatter dots, each representing a product line within that capability) and then corresponding individual product line financial information (one product line from that capability).


      then the next business capability at a total level (lots of scatter dots representing the product lines in this next capability), then corresponding product line specific information (one scatter dot) and on and on throughout all of them.


      I have been successful at getting all capabilities first in order then product lines following, but I want capability then corresponding product lines throughout my PowerPoint report.


      Someone from the qlik community is thinking of a way to do this, but I wanted to pose the question to all in case someone happens to read this and has an idea!


      Thanks everyone.