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    Calculating data from resident table

    Rasmus Nielsen

      Hi guys,


      I am loading data from an SQL database. I have two columns: date and volume and in my SQL query I limit data to the last 8 weeks. Like this:



      LOAD testdate, volume;


          CAST(timestamp AS DATE) as testdate

          SUM(volume) as volume,

      FROM $(dbname).dbo.TestTable

      WHERE timestamp >= DATEADD(week,-8, GETDATE())

      GROUP BY CAST(timestamp AS DATE)


      I now wish to create a new Qlik table where I have the following columns:

      date || volume || volume same day last week || volume (8 week average)


      The point is that I only wish to have rows for the last 7 days in my new table, but I need 8 weeks of data to calculate data for all rows in the new table. How would I go about calculating data for the last two columns?


      I am new to Qlik and Im not sure about the syntax.



      Best Regards,