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    Busy hour, pivot table column calculation

    Nikos Tsachalis

      Hi community,


      I am using Qlik Sense and I would like your help with the following:


      I have created a pivot table with 2 dimensions and 1 measure. Dimensions are Sampled( time series) and ResourceName( which is actually network interfaces). The measure is Max Rate.

      I am using

      Max(TOTAL Aggr(RangeSum(Above([MAX_RATE],0,4)), RESOURCE_NAME, ([SAMPLED], (Ascending))

      to calculate the busy hour ( the max of sum of 4 InboundRate in a row)

      This works if I put the measure in a separate Text&Image box and filter the resource name.


      How can I use it/modify it so as to report the busy hour of each Resource in a column? In other words how can I add the busy hour in a separate column so as to report the busy hour for every resource?