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    Could you help me do Wildmatch with the value of a column?

    Cherry B

      I was have a table


      SQL SELECT Track,



      FROM "SQL_A".dbo."Data_Track";


      I would like to locate all that has '*_TM_*' whether it is a lowercase or an uppecase

      I will be creating another column for the result which is the showme field

      I have this script


      If(WildMatch([Proc_ID],'*_TM_*'), (Qty+7)*2, If(WildMatch([Proc_ID],'*_0*'), (Qty+7)*5, 'Nothing Found')) as showme

      Upon Running I had this error

      ErrorMsg: 'WildMatch' is not a recognized built-in function name

      Please help, I'm confused. Thanks.