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    Overriding the POST request body for paged data loads

    Kevin D'Mello

      I'm trying to load data from a cloud hosted application which exposes a REST API for this purpose. The data being substantially big in size, prompts me to choose a batch approach towards loading the data.

      As per the API contract I'm required to make HTTP POST requests with a variable page id in the body for each new page/batch of data (the endpoint URL and HTTP headers remain unchanged).

      I've tried searching for a way to do this, and the only approach that I came across on these forums unfortunately didn't work out for me.

      Here's what I've tried:

      1. Defining a QLIK REST connector with a static XML body to help generate the necessary SQL clause - this works fine.

      2. Update the clause to use the WITH CONNECTION construct passing to it a variable body section as follows -

          SQL SELECT



      WITH CONNECTION (BODY "$(requestBody)");

      Whenever the SQL executes, it doesn't fail, but doesn't return data either. However using the statically defined connection works (for a single page of data, since the XML body is static).

      Any suggestions? I'm trying all of this with Qlik Sense desktop version 3.1 SR6.