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    Governance_Dashboard_1.1 - what is the content of the fields?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      my first Task on a new Job is one that I think I've done before - but it all Looks a bit different:

      I am to Show in several Charts the usage_rate of our Server.

      All that and much more than we actually Need is in the Governance_Dashboard (we have vrs. 1.1 and it can Access all sources of Information configured, so every Chart in that Monster of a Dashboard is populated).

      As all the LOADs are already in there, I have decided to just do a BINARY LOAD of the Dashboard and go from there and build whatever Charts we are going to Need myself - that way I know for sure what is being displayed in every one.


      The only issue is: Most of the field_names are Kind of intuitive and I can have a guess at what is being meant - but since I cannot view the actual LOAD_script, there is no way of being positively sure what Information is in a certain field - or is there?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,