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    can we change NPrinting output file folder on server?

    srinivas b

      Hi All, I have developed NPrinting On-demand report and we able to downloaded report  from access point without any issue but there is one requirement that whatever download excel report should be expected into CSV format which is not feasible in the NPrinting 16.0.0 version. we have developed on macro to convert excel file into CSV format.when user will run NP report button from access point then that downloaded excel file will be saved into folder like C:\\serviceaccount\appdata\local\temp.. from that location we want to  take that excel file and try to covert onto CSV format but we are facing issue that Nprinting server saved excel file with different folder name every time which is causing problem to achieve our expected results. so please suggest that can we change this folder name on server with fixed static folder structure instead of generating new folder every time? or please suggest on convert OnDemand download excel file into CSV format. Many thanks in advance......................