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    Help required with google maps in qlikview.

    Ajitha Paladugula


      I have latitude and longitude data for different units.

      I want to exactly point the  locations with all the latitudes and longitudes scattered over a map for a selected unit with latitude on y axis and longitude on x-axis.

      I have tried using this Dynamic Image url

      "='http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/staticmap?center=' &var_mid_lat  &',' &var_mid_long&' &zoom=$(var_zoom)'&' &maptype='&var_maptype&' &size='&def_map_size&'x'&def_map_size&' &sensor=false'  "

      But here it refers to only single latitude and longitude and zoom it as per the size defined .


      It doesn't present map for   all the  latitudes and longitudes for the  selected unit.

      I am attaching the script I have used and image I got.

      Kindly help me