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    Is it possible to reference the field name in the label?

    Daniel Greenberg

      Let's say I have a simple table with these fields


      FirstName, LastName


      I want to be able to use the field name in the label.  (hold on there is a method to my madness).


      In and of itself that's completely unnecessary but what I want to ultimately get to is to be able to use a single expression for every single label that uses a variable to pull a friendly field name.


      So for the firstName field lets say something like this (which definitely does not work)


      ='v' &$Field

      where I am hoping to get this as the result



      If they use that same expression

      ='v' &$Field

      on the LastName field I want it to return vLastName.


      I just don't think this is possible but I'll buy a pint for the first person to prove me wrong.


      btw this has fooled me into thinking I was close when my expression returned a null it displayed the field name in the label but was actually using the default as if the label was not filled out.