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    Qlikview Server: Cannot open HTML file for section access url


      Dear All,


      Our customer is facing cannot open HTML file for section access after they have done Qlikview server migration.


      cannot access.png


      I have tested with localhost address. No issue, but when we change to server name, will facing cannot open html file problem.


      http://<ServerName>:4780/QMS/AuthTable ------> cannot open html file.

      http://localhost:4780/QMS/AuthTable -------à no issue.


      Here is some finding from qlik community, tested but no use.




      1. Make the localdesktop user member of QlikView Administrators group

        Euriss >>> User account already in Administrators group


      1. Select the Section Access Table on the left hand side in the Management Console, then on the rightside the pane will update with a “Add Users” button. By pressing this button you can give your local user access to the URL.

      Euriss >>> Service account already set as admin in this section table.





      1. Try to use instead Qlik.Service account instead of your current one, and let us know what happens

        Euriss >>> we are using service account dy.




      1. Remote login to server and the try the same URL with a browser on that machine itself.

      Euriss >>> Both Qlikview Server and Qlikview Publisher also can browser this url link.