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    Qlikview Server: Cannot open HTML file for section access url

    euriss sow

      Dear All,


      Our customer is facing cannot open HTML file for section access after they have done Qlikview server migration.


      cannot access.png


      I have tested with localhost address. No issue, but when we change to server name, will facing cannot open html file problem.


      http://<ServerName>:4780/QMS/AuthTable ------> cannot open html file.

      http://localhost:4780/QMS/AuthTable -------à no issue.


      Here is some finding from qlik community, tested but no use.




      1. Make the localdesktop user member of QlikView Administrators group

        Euriss >>> User account already in Administrators group


      1. Select the Section Access Table on the left hand side in the Management Console, then on the rightside the pane will update with a “Add Users” button. By pressing this button you can give your local user access to the URL.

      Euriss >>> Service account already set as admin in this section table.





      1. Try to use instead Qlik.Service account instead of your current one, and let us know what happens

        Euriss >>> we are using service account dy.




      1. Remote login to server and the try the same URL with a browser on that machine itself.

      Euriss >>> Both Qlikview Server and Qlikview Publisher also can browser this url link.