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    "DrillDown" dimension - how to optimize the screen-space-usage?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I don't use Drilldown Groups such as QlikView offers them to preserve the possibility of the user selecting more than one Dimension_point and still "Drilling down" into the next Dimension. So what I usually do is implement several dimensions with a condition the likes of >> GetselectedCount([dimension1] >0 <<

      Now I face the following issue: I already have one Dimension >> month << and, below that, one Dimension >> week << - below that I would logically like to implement the Dimension >> day << and possibly >> hour << to be able to recognize daily or weekly peeks.


      => The question is rather one of formatting: For the Dimension >> day <<, I'd like to have the date formatted >> dd.mm.yy << AND the weekday, so that the user can see if there is a Peak, say, every Wednesday ... but that is going to be a bit cramped.I'll have to make the actual plot_area inside my Chart relatively small so that this Dimension will fit snugly underneath it and be legible.

      Can you think of another way I might be able to solve that?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,