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    Linking Master Calendar to 2 Fact Data Sets

    Sandra Pinto


      I have a Data Model which contains 2 Main Fact Tables:

      1. Labor Costs (this is an excel Salary Report).

      2. P&L data with all expenses.


      I need to put both P&L and the Labor Data under the same Calendar.

      I obtain several purposes from this: Labor expenses (from Labor reports) vs income (from P&L) for each month, comparing each labor account: amount in P&L vs amount in Labor report etc.


      I have connected the calendars using the attched tuttorial app and the table connections look all ok.

      The Problem is It looks like the aggregation of amounts from the Labor report and also from the P&L do not relate to the time dimnesion.

      For Example - looking at the LABOR aggregated data - AcoountID 383017 shows a sum of 14,143 for years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 - this is in fact the total for all 4 years but the sum does not seem to see the dimention of year. you can see the table of amounts in the app sheets.


      I have attached the labor test app with which I have this problem and also the tutorial app which helped me make the connections between the calendars.


      Please help... as I am getting frustrated...


      Many Thanks