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    Box Plot Road Map

    Vlastimil Kosik

      Hi Guys,


      First of all thank you very much for actually bringing BoxPlot function into Qlik Sense directly! I tested it and I like it very much how it works when it comes to its basic functionalities. However, in order for this chart to really become useful for me or our business case is that we need to have an option to have a "reference line" that would compare for example in our case a "client" data vs the aggregated data on the boxplots.


      Currently, we have adjusted an existing extension and created that option there. It looks like following. As you can see this functionality is not available directly in your built in chart. My question is, is it possible that we will see that in a future? I believe that it could bring tremendeous amount of usefulness for many business cases and not just our own and would make boxplot chart way more competitive in terms of usefulness.


      What do you think?