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    Rank within set analysis not working with proper limit

    Some Nath Roy

      Hi All,


      I am using Qlik Sense jun-2017 server version.


      My objective is to get total sales values of top 10 users out of Top 20 users set by Dimension Limitation(Fixed Number = 20).

      Have written the expression as:


      SUM(total{<contact_id = {"=Rank(SUM(sales),4)<=10"}>}sales)


      This is resulting sales value upto top 9 users. But if change the expression to


      SUM(total{<contact_id = {"=Rank(SUM(sales),4)<12"}>}sales) giving the correct result.


      Can anyone please explain why limit of the Rank is not working properly within set ?


      Please find the attached data for detail clarification.