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    Abstract question regarding scheduled automated transfer of files between a Linux device & Windows (for use as Qlik data source)

    Evan Kurowski

      Hello Qlik Community,


      We have a project that will perform the scheduled and automated movement of Excel spreadsheets from a Linux environment to a Windows folder.  I have some questions for the community about how to go about completing this.

      What would be appropriate tools/software for performing this project?  We need files that will follow a naming convention placed into the same directory on a Linux device, to be moved without intervention onto a windows device.

      What budget is necessary to set up such a project?

      What personnel are necessary to fulfill this project?

      What level of effort would you expect in terms of days/weeks/months should it take to complete this?


      Thanks for your assistance, I know this isn't a specific QlikView question, but eventually the file that is transferred would be used as a source input for a Qlik application.