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    KPI - minimum from value

    Daniel Kuba

      Hello, I made in Qlik sense app, where I have a bar chart. On X axis I have date. On Y axis I have set analyse: count({$<[Storage Type]={'FGB'}>}[Empty indicator])/3. And it work. /3 is because i have as base each day 3 values and I need avarage from it.


      But now I have problem. I need make KPI, where I see lowest value from all for selected date. And I dont know how. I tried something like: min (aggr (count({$<[Storage Type]={'FGB'}>}[Empty indicator]))) - system write me:error in expresion.

      Please, can somebody give me a advice, how shall make it? Thank you

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          Aar Kay

          may be this:

          min (aggr (count({$<[Storage Type]={'FGB'}>}[Empty indicator]),Date))

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              Daniel Kuba

              Its work, but isnt it what I wanted. I get daily three files. And min (aggr (count({$<[Storage Type]={'FGB'}>}[Empty indicator]),Date)) give me lowest daily sum for choosed days. I need lowest daily value.

              I have 1.1.2017 - 10, 5, 20  (first value, second, third)
                         2.1.2017 - 3, 14, 12

                         3.1.2017 - 22, 44, 8

              And I get as result now 29 (lowest sum 3, 14, 12)

              But I need get as result 3 (lowest value from all)