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    How to achieve accumulative sum in charts

    Jinghua Ji

      Hi all, I have come across a problem, which sounds simple but i just could not get it done.

      Basically, i used RANGESUM(ABOVE(SUM([measure]),0,ROWNO()) in a chart to demonstrate accumulative sum by month. as shown below.


      when i pick a month or a few month, the accumulative number will get reset, which is normal.


      however, what i really like to see is the numbers stay as they are no matter which month(s) i pick. for example, if I pick feb, it should display 1.77k instead of 1.27k.

      i also want flexibility so i prefer in-chart function rather than summary data set calculated in load process.

      in theory, i could use some sort of set analysis that sum all the value where month<= the month picked, or min(months picked), but i just could not come up with a satisfactory solution.

      has anyone solved similar problems like this before? thanks in advance.



      data table as follow




          MONTHNAME(Date) AS MonthYear



      DATE('01/01/2001' + RECNO() - 1) AS Date,

          RECNO() AS Amount