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    Complex Counts

    Cassandra Baqir

      I am struggling with showing some totals in the attached example.


      I want to show Total Defects in Queue (CUR_GOV_PROCESS_QUEUE) based on the logic within the chart and Total Defects in Queue beyond the threshold.


      Current chart logic:

      If the same defect was in the queue more than once, it should only take the most recent date to calculate # days:

      = Aggr(IF(Rank(Date(if(match(CUR_GOV_PROCESS_QUEUE,'Solution Design Group')>0,GPQ2_START_DATE,null())), 0) = 1, GPQ2_START_DATE), DEFECT_ID, GPQ2_START_DATE)


      In my example, the queue is Solution Design Group and the threshold is 120 days. I would expect to see 6 total defects and 2 defects outside of the threshold.


      Can someone please help me?