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    Qlik SAP OLAP connector(6.4) issue with BW 7.5 powered by HANA

    Nizar Ahmad

      We were using Qlik OLAP connector with BW 7.3 form past more than one year. now after migrating to BW 7.5 powered by HANA suddenly only OLAP connector started behaving unexpected.


      OLAP connector works perfectly if we use the 17 dimensions in the query, if we use more than 17 dimensions in the connection it starts throwing error.

      same query was working perfectly with BW 7.3.

      current configuration

      BW 7.5 powered by HANA

      Qlikview 12.10 SP4

      Qlik SAP connector 6.4

      DSO has only around 50 K records

      Is there any limitation in connecting to BW 7.5?

      OLAP connector uses MDX for accesing data from BW query, is there any limitation from BW side for MDX query.

      Error while fetching the data using more than 17 dimentions

      017-07-20 14:42:22 Progress Creation of function BAPI_MDDATASET_CHECK_SYNTAX returned after 00:00:00

      2017-07-20 14:47:38 Error     BAPI_MDDATASET_CHECK_SYNTAX failed after 00:05:16 Key = SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED (Error SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED occured. P1=11 P2=MDX PARSER TEST)

      2017-07-20 14:47:38 Error     Creation of function RSR_MDX_GET_CELL_DATA failed after 00:00:00 Key = RFC_INVALID_PARAMETER (Invalid parameter 'RFC_FUNCTION_DESC_HANDLE' was passed to the API call)

      2017-07-20 14:47:38 Error     ErrorKey: RFC_INVALID_PARAMETER, ErrorMessage: Invalid parameter 'RFC_FUNCTION_HANDLE' was passed to the API call

      2017-07-20 14:47:38 Trace    Cube not sliced. Retreival failed.

      2017-07-20 15:01:39 Progress Disconnected