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    Navigation in Edit mode - properties tabs are hidden behind 'Ribbon'

    Mrutyunjaya Hiremath

      Hi Community,


      This is with reference to the New Release - June 2017 version, that I feel real inconvenience when I start working in 'Edit' mode

      as I noticed some of the tabs - properties at the right-hand side pane will be hidden under the 'Ribbon'. Sometimes I had to struggle hard to find the some of the options that have vanished all of a sudden (hidden) and you really need all the awareness to identify and locate those hidden tabs. I hope others must be going through the same pain. Yes, It's a painful effort to locate these hidden tabs.

      So, It's an attempt to bring to the notice of the 'Qlik Team', and let's make an appeal to get it rectified asap.


      Happy Qliking