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    Different total shown in KPI and Bar/Pie charts

    Yaniv Ben Malka

      I am experiencing a weird thing, which I hope anybody could explain.


      I am trying to use the same master measure for KPI and for Bar/Pie chart.


      This is the formula I'm using:


      count({<[TBLSupplierInovice.StatusCheck]={'NOGOOD'}>+<[TBLPaybale.IsCurrencyDiscrepancy]={">0"}>+<[TBLPaybale.IsSupplierDiscrepancy]={">0"}>+<[TBLSupplierInovice.IsPriceDiscrepancy]={">0"}>} distinct InvoiceNumber)


      I want to count invoice number distinctly for every line that complies with at least one of the conditions.


      When exporting the result to KPI object, I get a certain result.

      When exporting to Bar/Pie chart the total of all categories is different than KPI result.

      I tried many variations, sometimes the result I wish for is in KPI, and somtimes the result I wish for is in the chart.

      Another important note is that when I take only one condition, the results are fine.

      -Like this: count({<[TBLSupplierInovice.IsPriceDiscrepancy]={">0"}>} distinct InvoiceNumber)

      Anybody has a clue?