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    How to create rolling rank in Qlik Scripting?

    Ayan Chakraborty

      Hi All,

      I have to create rolling rank in Qlik scripting itself and need to pivot the data in the script itself.

      For example below is the data :



      Now I understand that this can be achieved by Autonumber. But I have another challenge that, every asset have a type. So the rank should be set to one for each change of the type.

      That means for each day, every asset have a rank from 1 to XXX. For now I have run a loop to do that. That is extremely slow. Any solution for bulk operations? Please help.


      Finally I need the data in below fashion :


      Asset Type1RankAsset Type2Rank


      Using pivot will not allow this in the visualization because for the associations there will be blank in the related columns. Please let me know for any further clarifications.