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    Aggregation over dimensions

    Steven Put


      I'm new to qlik sense and I'm puzzled with this issue.


      I have a table containing log records containing the time it took to complete an action and I'm building a performance report.

      The table has following fields :

      - Id (unique identifier for each request)

      - Elapsed (time in miliseconds of the time it took to complete it)

      - application

      - region


      In order to be able to analyze and drill down i have a Combo Chart that shows data based on the loading time (in seconds).

      The dimension is calculated with following formula :

      =if(Elapsed<501,0.5, if(Elapsed<1001, 1, if(Elapsed<1501, 1.5, if(Elapsed<2001, 2, if(Elapsed<2501,2.5, if(Elapsed<3001,3, if(Elapsed<4001,4, if(Elapsed<5001, 5, if(Elapsed<8001, 8, if(Elapsed<10001, 10, if(Elapsed<15001,15, if(Elapsed<20001,20,if(Elapsed<30001,30, 99



      Next I added the following measures :

      -> Bar Chart : show the amount of hits for a dimension ==> count(Id)

      -> Line chart : show the percentage of that dimension ==> Count(Id)/Count(Total Id)


      So far so good :


      In addition it seems logical to add an other line chart that would represent the overall % for that dimension.


      In the % overall-column I would expect this.


      The formula I wanted to use is : =count(Total{<Elapsed={"<=Max($(Elapsed))"}>}Id)/count(Id)


      How can I achieve this?


      Thanks in advance!


      Best Regards,